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Phoenix 200

In the world of “film is dead” and “who still shoots that stuff ?” and “digital is so much better and easier” and “where do you even get…

Salvaging the Salvage Yard Film Photos

I am not entirely done working with photos from Old Car City, USA. I took multiple cameras with me. However, the film I used was FPP RetroChrome 400,…

Old Car City, USA.

Just a half hour or so north of Atlanta, Georgia is a town called White. It’s population hovers around 600 people. It has a fairly decent Motel 6,…

Do Film Photographers Take Bad Photos?

I heard that question, well, I heard this particular paraphrased statement, recently: “I wish film photographers would take photos with substance.” Well, we largely did over the last 150+ years….

5 Cameras I’m Lusting Over

Curious about 5 cameras I lust after when I’m scrolling online auction sites and marketplaces ? Look no further.

5 Photography Takeaways from 2022

I will be the first one to say that 2022 was a wild ride. My photography took a distant back seat to life pouring in from all directions….

Goodbye Film, Hello Digital!

Film is beautiful. It has a history spanning 140 years and most people reading this probably have some photographic print from the way-back time prior to digital cameras….

Hello, Strangers!

Wow – it’s been a crazy couple of months. Thanks to a letter from Keller Williams — Postmarked from Nevada with a return address of Memphis and letterhead…

Kodak vs. Kodak

A few weeks ago, early April 2022, I grabbed dear daughter and headed to the Dixon Gardens to get some photos of the seasonal tulips. If you haven’t…

Bull’s-Eye! A New Favorite

I definitely have a new favorite camera. It all started last week when some friends informed me it was International Brownie month. I put some Ektar 100 in…