I’m a little grumpy, and I let it get to me this weekend. I had a roll of film I’d apparently over-stuffed when I loaded it and it had like 45 frames on it. It took it into the dark bag and tried to spool it and it failed to spool. It failed enough times that it damaged the film…then it damaged my calm. I ripped the roll of film out of the dark bag, cursed and screamed at it, tried to rip it in half (which actually caused me to cut myself) and threw the now destroyed roll in the trash. As you can imagine it was sitcom-worthy material.

!@#$ you, film!

I’m mad as hell and I’m got gonna take it anymore!

I was mad as hell and I wasn’t gunna take it anymore. However, I realize now why I was really mad. I’ve just got too much going on in my development cupboards.  Black and white, color, E6, C41, Rodinal, Caffeinol, it’s just too much. Then I get out and try to take a photo thinking I wish I had loaded X when I loaded Y , so now I’ve got to improvise and I end up pulling out my phone. It kills me. I look in the fridge and there’s a 100ft roll of color slide 35mm, but all my monochrome is medium format… and my Bronica has Ektar loaded so I’ve got to wait until that roll is finished. What a nightmare.

I Need One Camera…plus a couple more

I got so mad Saturday, I put the Leica up on eBay. That’s the third time this week I’ve put it up for sale. Now it’s back down again. I don’t want to sell it. I am just lashing out. But I need to pare down my cameras. For the time being, film is limited to the Bronica. I’ve got enough film in there to last a couple months, both color and black and white. I’ve got the Leica for 35mm Rangefinder, and the Canon F1 (or the Nikon F) for SLR, and the Olympus Stylus for point and shoot. I just need a bag that holds them all! Seriously, though, I need to pare down and calm down. When I get out and shoot film, it’s bliss. When it all goes to hell in a handbag because I’ve got too many choices, it’s misery. I need more happy, less crappy!

Time to chill

Time to chill – Zenza Bronica ETRS, 75mm f/2.8, Kodak Ektar 100

Digital Standby

My digital standby is the Fujifilm X100T. It’s been my go-to digital for a year and a half and it takes fantastic images. It’s light, has a good battery, it has enough emulation to go on for days. I tend to use it in Classic Chrome mode and tweak it for grain and color in Snapseed. Yeah, I rarely import the SD card to Lightroom anymore. I just transfer to my phone, tweak and share. I used to think this was a goofy feature, but the more I use it the more I like it.

Make Happy Pictures!

Make Happy Pictures! Fujifilm X100T, Classic Chrome + Snapseed +41 grain.

So film isn’t out. I’m not mad anymore. I’m not selling the Leica. No, I’m going to enjoy taking pictures regardless of the camera… as long as it’s one of the ones I mentioned above.