This Is Why I Shoot Film

I occasionally get asked why I would shoot film when digital is so easy and so much better. “I’ll just use my phone” they say. They certainly have a good point. I’ve written before about making great photos with a smartphone, and good photos are possible. But there is a look from film, a feeling almost, that is not easy to replicate.

The above photograph was made with my Pixel 2. I used portrait mode to simulate the depth of field (blurring the background) and it’s definitely a pic I’d share on social media. The color is very good and the image is track sharp. But it doesn’t necessarily move me.

This picture was taken with a film camera, a Nikon F, using an old 105mm lens and Fujifilm Color 200 consumer grade film, developed in my kitchen sink and scanned in my dining room. This is a photograph I will enlarge and print to hang in my house. It is soft in the right way and the feeling is much more natural and it really moves me.

This is why I still shoot film.

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