These 8 Words are Music to My Ears

Your Facebook Account is Scheduled For Deletion. These 8 words are music to my ears. Here are some of my photos that I’ve neglected to share here lately.

Kodak 5248 Motion Picture Film xproc in C-41

I’ve been on 3 photo walks since the Pandemalypse 2020 started. I live in a lake neighborhood, and the afternoon walks have been a nice break, especially with the family in tow.

I got a new high-powered laptop that’s extremely slow at communicating with my Epson V550. I don’t get why, but I’m sure I’ll figure it out. Right now it’s my excuse to use my Fujifilm X-T20 for a while. I also managed to get to the Dixon Gallery and Gardens before the Tennessee Tetrarchy decided to shut down the state.

I’ve still got some photos to take. I’ve got to kick off a roll of Lomography 800 on the Holga for the Frugal Film Project’s April image. Hopefully I can get some good night photography out of it. Maybe I’ll putt around Bartlett after dark and get some neon shots.

Kodak 5248 Motion Picture Film or Retrochrome, I can’t remember… xproc in C-41

But I’m looking at these photos and this website I really love (I actually have my own coffee mug with the Aragonseye logo) and it feels neglected. I’ve got extra time now that I’m not a fly munching on the garbage pile called Facebook.

Kodak 5248 Motion Picture Film xproc in C-41

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