About Me

Aragon's Eye
At the Memphis Zoo with my Zenza Bronica (photo credit: Jenni Etzel)

When I was a kid, my dad let me use his fancy Sears T.L.S. 35mm camera. I remember getting excited in my teens and twenties when I realized I could get Kodak black and white film at the drugstores. Then life happened. I jobbed up, found a lovely victim…ahem…wife, procreated, and just generally let photography fall off the radar. That changed in 2014 when around November I was talking with a coworker about finding an old Polaroid for his granddaughter for Christmas. It  stirred the embers of my love of photography and I started snatching up old film cameras. This passion got even worse when I was informed by another coworker that I could actually develop my own film…in instant coffee. Then followed the epiphany that I could, in fact, develop color and slide film in my kitchen. This eventually culminated with a massive bout of G.A.S. (Gear Acquisition Syndrome) as I snatched up a handful of the latest digital gear and an old Leica M3. In the last two years I’ve slowly built a decent little collection of fine (and not-so-fine) classic cameras, and filled shelves throughout the house. Here on Aragon’s Eye I’ll feature one regularly, hopefully after running some film through each, and showing the results.