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I should say that 2020 sucks, but that’s cliche. I’m really just bored. I’m so bored that I only go… read more Solitude

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The Loss I Don’t Care if You Feel or Not

If you are a car person, you feel this. You find the perfect car. You’ve lusted after it for an… read more The Loss I Don’t Care if You Feel or Not

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Sloppy Accidents

On a recent photo walk around the neighborhood with the family, I had loaded a roll of Fujifilm Superia X-Tra… read more Sloppy Accidents

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Film for Snapshots?!?

The other day, in a photography forum, a member asked for opinions on what kind of camera people used for… read more Film for Snapshots?!?

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These 8 Words are Music to My Ears

Your Facebook Account is Scheduled For Deletion. These 8 words are music to my ears. Here are some of my… read more These 8 Words are Music to My Ears

Abandoned in the Wilderness
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A Van Down by the River

Well, actually it’s a van down in a pasture by the lake, but I like the title. This past month… read more A Van Down by the River

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LomoPhone Purple

I dig Lomography Lomochrome Purple film. It has a really cool effect of turning greens into purples and giving an… read more LomoPhone Purple

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Kodak 5248 – Pushing Limits

I had a chance to run a couple rolls of Kodak 5248 Motion Picture film through the trusty Minolta Hi-Matic,… read more Kodak 5248 – Pushing Limits

Elikon 535
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Camera Review – Elikon 535

You might be surprised how many interesting cameras came out of the former Soviet Union

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Memphog 2020

It’s Swinter. Here in Memphis winter doesn’t really begin until a week before Spring, so yesterday, January 15th, 2020 was… read more Memphog 2020