Category: Digital Photography

LomoPhone Purple

I dig Lomography Lomochrome Purple film. It has a really cool effect of turning greens into purples and giving an interesting aesthetic to photos. I’ve done a roll…

Memphog 2020

It’s Swinter. Here in Memphis winter doesn’t really begin until a week before Spring, so yesterday, January 15th, 2020 was a balmy 67. That, plus drizzle, equals fog….

Celebrity Cameo – Yashica EZ F521

This is the Yashica EZ F521, possibly the strangest digital camera one could overpay for on a popular auction website. In fact, this camera is the Takashi Digital…


Monochrome Madness

Well, I am suffering from a bout of Monochrome Madness. It’s an auto-exposure deficiency that requires adjusting my in-camera settings and reducing my appetite to 16 grays. However,…