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Abandoned in the Wilderness
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A Van Down by the River

Well, actually it’s a van down in a pasture by the lake, but I like the title. This past month… read more A Van Down by the River

True Panorama
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Olive Oil – Holga Conversion

I’m frigging grumpy, so here is a new post about my mean, green Holga that smells like whiskey and feet… read more Olive Oil – Holga Conversion

Memphis on the Holga
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Holg-a Week Late

Holga Week 2019 just passed. I did take some photos on my original (and favorite) 120N , but I have… read more Holg-a Week Late

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Dixon Gallery and Gardens on a Holga

This past weekend I took my daughter to an art workshop at the Dixon Gallery and Gardens in Memphis. Last… read more Dixon Gallery and Gardens on a Holga

Camera Review - Lomography Lomo'Instant
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Camera Review – Lomo’Instant

As you might have already read, I’m not necessarily the biggest fan of Instant film photography. It’s expensive, and the… read more Camera Review – Lomo’Instant

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Lomography – The Simple Pleasure of Kitsch Photography

There is something to be said for simple plastic cameras, the kind that have basic controls, one speed, auto-focus. They… read more Lomography – The Simple Pleasure of Kitsch Photography

All the parts needed to turn an X Pro into a Holga
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Behold, The FrankenHolga!

Let me just say I love my Holga 120. If you’re not familiar with it already, it’s a Medium Format… read more Behold, The FrankenHolga!