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Embrace the Grain

Embrace the Grain??

Photographers that shoot film talk about Grain. We love grain, especially in black and white photos. Digital shooters tend to like grain when it’s buttery-smooth at ISO12800. I’m…

Canon F1

Camera Review – Canon F1 (circa 1971)

Last year, a neighbor gifted me a really nice camera, and I’ve now had a chance to use it with both the Tamron 28-70mm kit lens and a…

Why I Like Black and White

If you haven’t noticed, I shoot mostly black and white, and some of my best work is in black and white. There are some amazing photographers out there…

Pushing the Limits of Film

Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to take an ISO 100 black and white film, meter for ISO 1600, and go blow through a roll….