For at least six months now, I’ve been toting around the Leica M3 loaded with Kentmere 100 Black and White film — conveniently rolled into reusable cartridges by yours truly. I really love the Leica. I haven’t found anything quite as nice as it, but I know that eventually I’m going to have to move squarely to digital. Film can’t last forever, no matter how much I want it to.Even though I love film, I have a couple digital cameras that end up in my bag (see previous articles about them) and I try to force myself to shoot with them whenever I can. Well, it’s no secret that the X Pro 1 and I have a tumultuous relationship at best. I’m not going to sugar-coat it: I hate it. It’s slow to focus, slow to fire, and clunky. The smallest *affordable* lens for me was a 27mm f/2.8 (see previous article) but I still couldn’t get used to it. The XF 27 is currently on eBay if that’s any indication of how serious I am about ditching the X Pro.A few things helped nudge me over the edge and onto the web in search of a replacement. First, a few weeks ago I took some photos of Roman’s Tee Ball team with my wife’s Canon 450D and a kit lens. Fast focus, great contrast, crystal clear image from a camera one can currently purchase on the ‘Bay for around $200. A ten. year. old. camera… makes better photos than my X Pro 1. In fact, I’d argue that it actually gets the mirror out of the way, exposes the sensor, and resets for the next shot quicker than Fuji.Next was the release of the X Pro 2 with features like hybrid auto-focus, hybrid OVF/EVF with split-image view for manual focus, and Color Chrome emulation. It just put to light the fact that my 4 year old X Pro 1 just wasn’t up to the game.Then came the article and accompanying video at on how photographer and blogger Karl Edwards sold his Leica M Type 240 (On my short list of cameras to sell my soul for) and purchased the new(ish) Fuji X100T. I won’t rehash the article here, it stands on its own very well and is really worth reading, but it gave me the drive to haggle with the wifey for a new camera. Another. new. camera.I have to say, it’s strange having a camera that actually focuses faster than I can count “One Mississippi…Two Missi….” and doesn’t feel like it needs a hand crank to wind the shutter. The leaf shutter is so quiet. The Color Chrome emulation is fantastic, and for the love of Pete the low-light auto-focus made me squeal like a little girl more than once. The manual focus ring is almost not even necessary now. This is a drastic change from the Fuji where the focus-by-wire had me zone focusing to maintain my sanity while cussing the shutter lag under my breath. Plus, the X100T is compact. It’s just a tad bigger than my Konica C35.img_20160621_212259 My little C35 next to the new X100TCompared to the Leica, it’s not nearly as magical, but that’s just because … well… Leica. The X100T weight approximately what my Voigtlander Nokton 50mm f/1.5 weighs when it’s not on the Leica.img_20160621_212405 Oh the irony of taking photos of cameras. Man that Leica is just damn sexy!It’s definitely smaller than the X Pro 1. Although, on the plus side for the X Pro, it’s much heavier and feels more solidly built than the X100T, but still no comparison for me. I’m much happier with the X100T.img_20160621_212509 Look out, big beast. The lil’ monster camera is sneaking up behind you!Let me close out by saying both of these cameras, when properly metered and focused, take absolutely mind-blowing photos. The XF 35mm f/1.4 is a Leica killer of a lens, but my M3 is just faster to focus, and unless I need burst mode for something, less laggy with the shutter (of course, my M3 only goes to 1/1000 sec, but that plus film latitude hasn’t stopped me from making great images with my the old girl).I have no regrets. I bought the X Pro , didn’t like it, but still went back to Fuji for its replacement. The X100T with all its bells and whistles and film emulations is really all I need for digital street photography…until my readers (all three of you) pony up for my M type 240.2016-06-18_05-49-16 Jen in the wheelhouse at the Memphis Pink Palace Museum. Fujifilm X100T, 23mm (35mm equiv) f/5.6, 1/20sec, ISO 3200. Color Chrome. JPEG (I didn’t even shoot raw. This is how it came out of the camera).  Ok, I did tweak the shadows a bit and drop the blacks down some, but this is f/2.0, 1/125sec, ISO 1250 no flash. Still, X100T is just fantastic.