So I’ve endeavored to move this site from a phoblography company to my own server. Why ? Because I can. I have this server sitting around I don’t use for much else, so I figured I’d try my hand at self-hosting. I’m migrating the other entries from my site over here, but it’s being finicky. As soon as that’s done I’ll post something more interesting.For now, however, I’ll give you a little update. I’m shooting primarily the Olympus XA and the Leica M3. I’ve exclusively been shooting with Kentmere 100 pushed to 800 and stand developed in Adox Rodinol. I recently bought another toy camera – this time in the form of a can of Coca Cola. It’s coBratman Beginsol. My dad snagged me an old press camera at auction. It’s a nightmare to use, but so was everything in the 1940s. I’m wishy-washy on my digital cameras. I kinda regret getting the Ricoh GR since it sits on the shelf unused. Same with the Fuji X100T. Both are absolutely amazing cameras, but I’m just not done with film.Other than that, hang tight, check out some other really cool blogs (I Still Shoot Film is my favorite) until mine is back online… then still check theirs out because they’re immensely more interesting than mine. hah!