Heck yeah! It’s June 29th, 2017, Camera Day. Get out and snap some photos!

What You Need on Camera Day

Well, you’ll need a camera.  I have several recommendations on this site, but just get a camera and go take some photos! You can even use your phone! Just get out there, take some shots, and share them ! If you want to shoot some film, go grab  a $5 camera from any thrift store, a box of Fujifilm from Walmart, and relive the 90s!Cheap Cameras for Beginners - Olympus OM-1

Where You Can Go on Camera Day

Get out of the office, out of the house. Go around your neighborhood, to the local outdoor market, even downtown. Try the zoo! I’ve done the Pink Palace Museum several times. Don’t forget, photo walks are good for the soul! If you’re concerned about safety, check with coworkers and friends to see if any others want to go celebrate this excuse to get out of the office with you.Dark Skies over Downtown Memphis

What You Can Photograph on Camera Day

What can’t you photograph ? In the U.S., as long as your subject is viewed in a public space, you can photograph them. People, Buildings, landscapes. I love the Hernando-Desoto (Big M) Bridge, so I’m constantly taking photos of it.  If it interests you, make a photo of it.Runner's Break - Memphis, 2017

Where You Can Share on Camera Day

Start with my comments section! Or share it on the comments in my Facebook post of this article. Share it on your own Facebook page. Flickr and Instagram are good options, too. Better yet, if you’re shooting film, develop and print it!Square ChairYeah, this is a short post. I just felt a little inspirational blurb about this awesome day was in order. Sometimes it takes an event or excuse to get shooting. I look forward to seeing what you’ve got to share!