In case you weren’t aware, I hate selfies. The photo on my About page was taken by my wife. Most of my selfies are horrible and for good reason: men shouldn’t take selfies. 

Duck Faces are a Big No

Silly Glasses Aren’t Cute

Selfie is Another Word for Mugshot

It’s Unwise to Ask Us for a Selfie…

If You Must Take a Selfie…

  • Comb your hair
  • Make sure your teeth don’t have junk in them
  • Open your camera app on your phone
  • Put it in portrait mode
  • Flip to the front-facing camera
  • Realize you shouldn’t do this
  • Put camera back in pocket

This Public Service Announcement was funded in part by the Association for Art, Not Selfies, The Camera Coalition of Mean Muggers, and the letter S.