A few minutes ago, I got the urge to fire off some rounds with a camera. I didn’t really have the opportunity to venture too far, so I figured I’d try some macro/close-up photography with a film point-and-shoot. I know it is probably an exercise in wasted film, but I wanted to try. So I grabbed my Pentax IQZoom 105, and realized it needed a battery. Lucky for me, there was a battery in the Olympus LT Zoom 105 — a much sexier zoom camera — so I went to scavenge it. Then I thought about using my Konstruktor toy camera to do this. Finally, the realization kicked in that I have too many choices. That, and the fact that I promised myself I would only shoot digital — one camera, one lens for a month — forced me to set all three down and grab the X100T.Pentax IQ Zoom 105Olympus LT Zoom 105 

The BackYard Stage

X100T in hand, I ventured out into the wild backyard. After the last mowing of the season, there is no dad out on the weekends policing the grass for hard objects, so the kids just leave toys wherever they fall. They also dig up raised-bed gardens to throw chicken poop at each other, pour sand from the sandbox into the AC unit, and they tear down the fire pit because playing with bricks is fun. Needless to say, this leads to some interesting finds.This used to be a fire pit 

The Fairy House

My daughter is extremely creative. In fact, it often leaves us discovering things that aren’t supposed to be used in art projects firmly glued to said projects. Today (rather, yesterday) she decided to pilfer bricks from my fire pit and build a new house for the fairies that apparently exist in our yard. I have yet to see any, but it’s important that if they show up, they have a place to live ? [[shrugs]] It makes for good photo ops.Fairy gardenFairy food 

The Construction Zone

While all that fun was happening, my son and his friends decided to do some excavation of aforementioned chicken-poop quarry (a.k.a. vegetable garden). This has now happened over several seasons, so you can imagine how fertile my yard is, and how barren my garden is.Garden ExcavationThey also decided to grow tomatoes…They also wanted to grow tomatoes…and water the log.WaterloggedRoman planted a corndog, too… or is this another wild one ? They grow around here quite a bit.Wild Corndog 

The Garden Wagon

Nothing is safe from the children. Ever. Not in our backyard. Even the garden wagon fell victim to the wily heathens infesting my .29 acres. They made it a watery grave…Water Balloon…and a wishing wellWishing WellBut all good things must come to an end, and the Rescue Bots partied until they passed out.Blaze couldn't handle the Red Solo Cup.