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I am about to climb out of my skin. I’m being a drama queen, but I really _really_ enjoy shooting film. But I’ve spent so much damn money on digital cameras, I feel obligated to use them. Earlier this month I challenged myself to shoot one camera, one lens, one film, one speed, etc… for one month. So I picked the X100T.Correction Guy - Stop. No more whining.  Yeah, you’re right, Correction Guy. I need some better content… This weekend I did a photography 101-ish workshop at my church. It was cool. Lots of folks showed up and brought their cameras. I think I learned as much from them as they did from me! I mean, did you know that Nikon lenses screw on backwards ? I actually did know that, but thought it was funny anyway. Some would say the Canon’s  are the ones that are backwards. Meh. I also learned that everybody needs to read their owners manuals. So at this awesome Workshop, I brought a few cameras for display, some books by Eggleston and Webb, and Peterson’s Understanding Exposure for people to flip through. At the end of the show my daughter packed all my cameras back into my backpack, even though I brought them into the room in a laundry basket. When I got home, I started removing cameras from the pack like a magician pulling endless rabbits from his hat. Tedious. Today, I looked in my bag to see what I’d left in it to shoot with at work. Tri-X 400, Kentmere 100 Well, that’s a good sign! A little more digging and I found my Thyristor flash (a.k.a. $5 thrift store flash). *digging*… Oh hell no Ugh! There is nothing worse than having a battery for a camera you’re not in the mood to shoot, and film when you don’t have a film camera. Ugh! I suppose I could go shoot the Fuji. The problem is the rain. Fuji isn’t waterproof…or necessarily water-resistant… or in any way cheap enough that I would mind losing it to water damage.Well, I think it’s time for some inspiration. I need to scrounge up a project idea or two and go plan those out. I also need to do some prep for another photography workshop I have coming up. I like doing the workshops. They’re a blast, and I get to meet interesting, cool people.For anybody interested, here’s the Photography Workshop Presentation and md5sum: 9d678e7eb39f1c97d218f4db86c00144 . Feel free to send corrections if you find any glaring problems.

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  1. Tom Furlotte

    Chris,Really enjoyed your workshop. But your powerpoint presentation was so hard to read because of the use of blue on blue text. The headlines in white on blue were fine , but the smaller body copy was unreadable to these old, tired eyes. When you do your next one consider the readability factor over the graphics, please.

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