From the desk of Aragon’s Eyeholder… Fuji X100T, Nexus 6, and a dog??

One Camera One Lens – Fuji X100T

My month with the X100T is over, but I still brought it to work. It is such a good camera I can’t bring myself to leave it alone.  In fact, it is by far the best camera in my collection of digital cameras. I currently shoot it in Av mode, AutoISO 3200, Black and White + Yellow filter emulation + RAW.Bridge under troubled skies

Bored and Wandering

I got bored yesterday, so I wandered around my neighborhood. I was originally headed to Fyte Road to take some photos of the trains, but I got distracted by the remnants of a burned out home. All that was left was a chimney or two, and it made for some interesting black and white photos that I’ll share soon.Remnants. Memphis, 2017

New Look!

I got tired of the earlier look of the Typist theme. It’s a really nice blogging theme, but I needed something more suited to photography. I found the Fukasawa theme by Anders Noren. I dig it. Now I need to find a good gallery plugin so I can start managing my photo projects in a more meaningful way. Suggestions ?

Gone to the Dogs ?

Yes, my sense of humor has gone to the dogs. However, on my way to lunch today, I found this dog in the window humorous. It reminded me of the movie The Secret Life of Pets that came out last year. I can only imagine what that goofy dog was thinking while I stood in the middle of Union Avenue with my phone pointed at him like some goofy tourist.The Secret Life of Pets

Stuck in a Rut

So I’m stuck in a rut again. I realize that one cannot do much street photography in a one hour lunch break, and the bridge is going to become a tired subject soon. So I’m resorting to shooting the things that interest me wherever I am.  This weekend I kept driving by this stool out on the side of the road behind somebody’s fence. I had to capture it. Spontaneity is a good thing!Greens and Browns, Memphis 2017

Nexus 6 Still a Good Camera

I constantly find myself in situations where I just need to get a photo to feed my habit, and the Nexus 6 is always in my pocket (see Dog Photo). Well, in the grocery store last night, the kids were driving me up the proverbial wall, so I walked over to floral…to escape…and captured some nice flower vases. I did some post on this one in Lightroom Mobile, which is a change for me since I mostly use Snapseed.My Escape, Memphis, 2017Stay tuned for more. -Aragon