I have some good news, and some bad news, and then some worse news, but first…

The Bad News

The Fuji X100T is off to Fujifilm America for repairs. Yeah, the front face-thing-around-the-lens-that-acts-like-a-dust-cover is missing. I have no idea where it went. I’m a little concerned that it came off. Looking at the innards, it would appear this piece somehow locks into place. What’s more concerning is that I had a lens hood on it in case it got dropped, so one would figure I’d have noticed it rattle loose or fall out. But nope. I know where I last was when I used it, so I’ll head that direction today at lunch and retrace my steps. It would be nice to find it. Update: I chose not to go look for it. I am content sending the camera to Fuji to have them replace it correctly. I’m not an expert at camera repair.off to warranty-land fuji x100t

The Good News

Well, the good news is it’s under warranty, still.  I haven’t had the camera a year yet, but it sure feels longer. Now you should have seen me frantically digging through boxes last night trying to find the warranty card, until after much desperation, I looked up the warranty card on the Interwebs and determined there was no such thing. It’s all digital, like the camera.


The camera is really small. I forgot how small because I’ve usually got a leather case and grip on it, plus the lens hood and filter, and  a soft  shutter button, so all-in-all, it looks hefty. But naked as a mole-rat, it is almost pocket-sized.  When it gets back from Fuji, I’ll take a photo of it in my hand, and also next to the Olympus XA — another small camera in my collection. ***Update – I know I said I had worse news, but it was just that I ran out of Hummus at lunch. Move along, nothing to see here.