I haven’t been shooting much lately, but I had a quick window the other day to take photos at our annual AutoZone Car Show on the back lawn of our building. We do this to raise money for our AutoZoner Assistance Fund, which provides assistance to AutoZone families in times of need. It’s a wonderful program and just one of the ways AZ lives our “Cares about people” values. It’s a great place to work, and we have a car show.

I also took this as another opportunity to give black and white film photography another shot. It’s really a great medium, but I’ve never been good at it. I don’t always think in black and white, and others (namely this guy) are much more capable in the monochrome department. So I loaded up the Canon F1 and some HP5+ (oddly, metered for 200 – which I didn’t realize until development time, d’oh!) and took these photos.

I also want to note that I really dig the F1. It’s a fantastic small, light, durable camera. I actually prefer it to my Nikon F due to the weight, although the Nikon has sharper lenses. šŸ˜‰






Car Show

Trans Am