I decided to go back and try another experiment with color film and mono chemicals. This time it was Adox Rodinal 1:100 stand developed with 30second agitations at 15 minute intervals. This time I didn’t cold-blix it, I just used regular Ilford Rapid Fixer for 6 minutes. The lack of bleaching left the negatives very dark and my scanner didn’t appreciate the added effort required to salvage usable images.The film was Fujifilm Color 200 shot at box speed on the Canon F1.Anyway, a good bit of post processing was done in Affinity Photo to get past scanner struggles, but the test shots aren’t bad. They aren’t good either, but they’re worth sharing for the purposes of this article.Two of the test shots were scanned as black and white negatives at 1200dpi. The statue instead was scanned as a color positive and inverted in Affinity, then heavily tweaked. I wouldn’t recommend doing this for every roll. It’s a particular pain in the ass.Lastly, I was in a hurry and didn’t mix enough developer (400ml) to completely submerge the roll. Plus my spool wasn’t seating properly so part of the strip of negatives has some thin areas. You can see it in the top of this last photo. Oh well. It’s not fun if it always works perfectly!I’m going to try this again but with Blix instead of Rapid Fixer. Hopefully the next roll will require less post processing.