Starting 2021 off with a La Sardina that doesn’t seem to have a setting for “infinity” was, without a doubt, the dumbest waste of film and my time in a long time. It certainly didn’t rekindle my love of 35mm film. Of course, shooting black and white didn’t help either. I think it’s time for some introspection.

Focus ? Who needs focus ? I need focus!

Focus ? Who needs focus ? I need focus!

Focus on the Website

First and foremost, I need to focus my attention here. I say that all the time, but I never follow through, so I expect this time to be no different. Follow me or don’t. I promise nothing except probably more bad photos and bad cameras.

Pick a Camera, Already!

Going for broke, here, and picking a camera to use all year. One camera, one lens. I have to stop expecting to get good photos out of cameras I haven’t regularly used. I need to master one camera. I know some of you might cringe here, but that camera is the Leica M3 and the 7-Artisans 50mm f/1.1 . I’m not flashing it as bling, or pretending to be Gilden or Bresson, just intending to use the one camera I spent so much time lusting after, then upon buying it, shelving it. It deserves to be used until it doesn’t work anymore.

Should I just sit out 2021 ? Nah.

Should I just sit out 2021 ? Nah.

Commit or Give it Up

That’s a harsh statement, but I spent most of last year waiting until the last minute to do anything with a camera, and usually making my photos around the Memphis Zoo while it was open. But then mid-summer I pretty much gave up on photography, except to shoot the roll a month for the FFP. That wasn’t productive for me, although I did enjoy really getting creative at times with the Holga. This year there are no contests, groups, themes, film types, camera types, social media groups to deal with (except sticking to one main camera and lens). There’s no more Instagram, I’ve scared everybody off of my friends list on Facebook, and I don’t have anybody to impress. I have just myself to grow. I’ve cleared my plate and the sky is the limit.

Print My Photos

That’s right, print my photos. 4×6, 5×7, 8×10, whatever. I need to print my photos. I want to be more selective about what I shoot and print more keepers. I’ll have scans for the website, but other than that, my work is getting printed. I am also considering sending my film off to get professionally developed. There is a really cool local film lab here in town and I want to keep film alive here in Memphis. I have the same photos hanging in my house that I took in 2015. It’s time to bring some new life to the photo frames!


Which way do I go ?

Pick a Direction

This is another big opportunity. What do I want to photograph ? Memphis is cool, maybe I wander more inside the city to get more interesting photos. Maybe I travel more on the weekends to interesting places. I also need to take the family with me on my outings when I can. We all need to get out of the damn house more in 2021 than we did last year.

I Have Options

I have a year’s worth of color and black and white film, both 120 and 35mm. There is no shortage of opportunity to get out on a weekend and make some color or black and white images worth keeping. I’m hoping against hope that we’ll have the opportunity to get back into group photo walks this year. Whatever happens in the world this year, I just want to get out and make some photos again!

So, here’s to 2021. A new year.