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These 8 Words are Music to My Ears

Your Facebook Account is Scheduled For Deletion. These 8 words are music to my ears. Here are some of my… read more These 8 Words are Music to My Ears

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New Camera Display Cases

This weekend our new display cases for the living room arrived. We’re actually going to slide them over about 8… read more New Camera Display Cases

Me and Michael Raso
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Film Photography Road Trip

August 3rd 2018 I took a trip to Findlay Ohio for the Film Photography Podcast’s Walking Workshop.  Last Thursday I… read more Film Photography Road Trip

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Lunch Break! – Light Meter, New Lens, Lots of Film

It’s past time for another Lunch Break! I’ve got a few things to get chatty about while I eat, and… read more Lunch Break! – Light Meter, New Lens, Lots of Film

off to warranty-land fuji x100t
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Lunch Break!

I have some good news, and some bad news, and then some worse news, but first… The Bad News The… read more Lunch Break!

Bridge under troubled skies
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Lunch Break

From the desk of Aragon’s Eyeholder… Fuji X100T, Nexus 6, and a dog?? One Camera One Lens – Fuji X100T… read more Lunch Break

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Indian Giver!

Ok, a bit of a back-pedaling here. I lost the images to my original blog when I did the transfer… read more Indian Giver!