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Memphog 2020

It’s Swinter. Here in Memphis winter doesn’t really begin until a week before Spring, so yesterday, January 15th, 2020 was a balmy 67. That, plus drizzle, equals fog….


Monochrome Madness

Well, I am suffering from a bout of Monochrome Madness. It’s an auto-exposure deficiency that requires adjusting my in-camera settings and reducing my appetite to 16 grays. However,…

Instamatic X-30

Instamatic X-30 – Embracing Uncertainty

Film cameras are a labor of love. There is nothing practical about them in today’s age of social media and instant gratification, but that doesn’t mean that the…

Tri-X 400 pulled to 200

Tri-X Trifecta

If I hadn’t already mentioned it, I was invited to join the Frugal Film Project for 2020. I get to pick any camera under $50 that I own,…


Birthday Photo Walk

Well, went on a Birthday photo walk today. I’m not tooting about my birthday, just happy to get out on a walk. I’ve got a couple rolls of…

Tom Lee Park

Lunch Hour Photo Walk

I was lucky enough to have three coworkers who are also into photography hang out today and take photos at lunch. We just wandered around Beale Street Landing…

Memphis on the Holga

Holg-a Week Late

Holga Week 2019 just passed. I did take some photos on my original (and favorite) 120N , but I have been unsuccessfully fighting a month-long sinus headache and…

Photo Walk – Dixon with Dad

I have been on vacation this week and had a chance to bring my dad with me on a fun early afternoon of photography at the Dixon Gallery…

Memphis, South Main, 2019

Lunch Break – Photo Walk

A couple peers and I decided to go for a photo walk today. We opted for the South Main district, and luckily not much was open until we…

A Lunch at the Memphis Zoo

A Friday lunch excursion to the Memphis Zoo, a 1970s point and shoot, and some Retrochrome slide film.