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Abandoned in the Wilderness

A Van Down by the River

Well, actually it’s a van down in a pasture by the lake, but I like the title. This past month has been somber, frustrating, and even a little…

Elikon 535

Camera Review – Elikon 535

You might be surprised how many interesting cameras came out of the former Soviet Union

True Panorama

Olive Oil – Holga Conversion

I’m frigging grumpy, so here is a new post about my mean, green Holga that smells like whiskey and feet because the previous owner tried his hand at…

Instamatic X-30

Instamatic X-30 – Embracing Uncertainty

Film cameras are a labor of love. There is nothing practical about them in today’s age of social media and instant gratification, but that doesn’t mean that the…

Camera Repair – Agfa Optima

Hooray for me, I did my first successful CLA on a camera and didn’t have any parts left over. In fact, it went back together very nicely. Why…

Tri-X 400 pulled to 200

Tri-X Trifecta

If I hadn’t already mentioned it, I was invited to join the Frugal Film Project for 2020. I get to pick any camera under $50 that I own,…


Taken in the office today, looking up from the basement floor to the penthouse.

Tom Lee Park

Lunch Hour Photo Walk

I was lucky enough to have three coworkers who are also into photography hang out today and take photos at lunch. We just wandered around Beale Street Landing…

What's in that slushy !?

Retracing My Steps

Yesterday, I went out on a photo walk with a couple friends from work. We hit Beale Street to be harassed by a homeless lady and linger for…

Color film in Rodinal

I decided to go back and try another experiment with color film and mono chemicals. This time it was Adox Rodinal 1:100 stand developed with 30second agitations at…