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Abandoned in the Wilderness

A Van Down by the River

Well, actually it’s a van down in a pasture by the lake, but I like the title. This past month has been somber, frustrating, and even a little…

Elikon 535

Camera Review – Elikon 535

You might be surprised how many interesting cameras came out of the former Soviet Union

True Panorama

Olive Oil – Holga Conversion

I’m frigging grumpy, so here is a new post about my mean, green Holga that smells like whiskey and feet because the previous owner tried his hand at…

Celebrity Cameo – Yashica EZ F521

This is the Yashica EZ F521, possibly the strangest digital camera one could overpay for on a popular auction website. In fact, this camera is the Takashi Digital…

Instamatic X-30

Instamatic X-30 – Embracing Uncertainty

Film cameras are a labor of love. There is nothing practical about them in today’s age of social media and instant gratification, but that doesn’t mean that the…

Memphis on the Holga

Holg-a Week Late

Holga Week 2019 just passed. I did take some photos on my original (and favorite) 120N , but I have been unsuccessfully fighting a month-long sinus headache and…

Lomo LC-A in Color - Dixon Gardens

Lomo LC-A in Color

As I said in my last article, I wanted to take the LC-A out and run a roll of color film through it. For this series I used…

A Lunch at the Memphis Zoo

A Friday lunch excursion to the Memphis Zoo, a 1970s point and shoot, and some Retrochrome slide film.

Dixon Gallery and Gardens on a Holga

This past weekend I took my daughter to an art workshop at the Dixon Gallery and Gardens in Memphis. Last fall the Dixon planted 100,000 tulip bulps throughout…

Camera Review – Diana F+

In case this is your first time here, my name is Chris and I love plastic toy cameras. I love their cheap injection-molded construction, the meniscus lenses, and…