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Monochrome Madness

Well, I am suffering from a bout of Monochrome Madness. It’s an auto-exposure deficiency that requires adjusting my in-camera settings… read more Monochrome Madness

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Fuji X-T20 – I Like It.

I bought the X-T20 a few weeks ago, and I picked up the kit 16-50mm f/4-5.6 lens. It has proven… read more Fuji X-T20 – I Like It.

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Oops. I bought Another Camera…

I bought another camera. Surprise! Yeah I get the bug every now and then, and as usual it’s another Fujifilm… read more Oops. I bought Another Camera…

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Photo Walk – FrankenHolga Strikes Again

In the last couple weeks I’ve been back on a camera buying binge, only this time it’s been buying plastic… read more Photo Walk – FrankenHolga Strikes Again

Eclipse 2017, Memphis
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Lunch Break

It’s been a while, so I thought I’d catch up while on lunch break. I have actually been shooting, just… read more Lunch Break

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Happy Camera Day, 2017!

Heck yeah! It’s June 29th, 2017, Camera Day. Get out and snap some photos! What You Need on Camera Day… read more Happy Camera Day, 2017!

My Canon 7 Rangefinder with custom red leatherette
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My Idea of a Perfect Camera

Recently, the Leica M10 came out, along with the Sony A9. Both are freaking amazing cameras. Both are pricey. I’ve… read more My Idea of a Perfect Camera

Dark Skies over Downtown Memphis
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Removing Clutter and Refocusing on Photography

  As you might know, I started collecting cameras a few years ago, and I’ve been sinking money into this… read more Removing Clutter and Refocusing on Photography

Bridge under troubled skies
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Lunch Break

From the desk of Aragon’s Eyeholder… Fuji X100T, Nexus 6, and a dog?? One Camera One Lens – Fuji X100T… read more Lunch Break

Blaze couldn't handle the Red Solo Cup.
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Backyard Adventure

A few minutes ago, I got the urge to fire off some rounds with a camera. I didn’t really have… read more Backyard Adventure